RMW Saddle Dressing, Grease


RMW Saddle Dressing, Grease


Non color leather grease from R.M. Williams. 250 ml.

Protects your leather shoes optimally against wet and stains.
Nourishes the leather to retain it from getting dry and ruined.

Apply a thin layer evenly on the upper leather, let it soak into the leather for about half an hour, then brush the shoes to remove any excessive grease.

Use around four times a year or when the leather feels dry. If you want your shoes to be shiny, use a polishing wax after using the grease.

Matches perfectly with the Brookman combo brush for application and brushing.

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Mr. R.M. Williams made his first boots in the 1930’s.
He started his business in Australia with making the best and most durable boots. They have since been incredibly popular and among many enthusiasts they remain one of the best brands on the market.

The iconic brand still lives on and today they continue to produce the best boots with the same original quality in Adelaide, Austraila.