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Our history and the people who work here


Peter Aglo

Master Cobbler & Owner

A third generation cobbler with 33 years experience. Started working at Bäckmans (Brookman) 1985, been a co-owner since 1996. Possesses three national gold medals in shoe repair.

Peter Holmér

Master Cobbler & Owner

First generation cobbler with 40 years experience. Have been a cobbler since 1978 and became the co-owner 1996. Won three gold medals in USA 2006, won gold medal in Silvercup USA 2008, won silver in The Netherlands 2012 och brought home two gold medals from Germany 2013 and both gold medal and honorary price from Germany 2016.

Max Aglo


A fourth generation cobbler. Started working on Bäckmans 2014, fourth place finisher in the national shoe repair championship 2019.

Responsible for online sales.

Emil Holmér


A second generation cobbler with 9 years experience. Full time employee since 2012. Past part time worker for several years. Possesses journeyman’s certificate. Diplomas from several shoe repair competitions throughout Europe.

Responsible for online sales.

Pierre Bacchar


Started as a cobbler 1985. Worked as an orthopedist at Olmed for seven years. Possesses a jouirneyman’s certificate and won the silver medal in the national championship for shoe repair 2019. Started at Bäckmans 2010.



Started his cobbler carreer in England back in 1997. Moved to Sweden 2006 and has worked at Bäckmans since 2011. Got the bronze medal in the national shoe repair championship 2013. Gold medal in Germany 2016.

Amanuel Zemicheal


Got experience from his fathers’ shoe factory in Eritrea where he got to work with both design and repair throughout the years. Came to Sweden 2007 and started working at Bäckmans 2013. Won the national shoe repair championsship 2015, 2017 and 2019. Silver in Germany 2016. Possesses the journeyman’s certificate.

Thomas Peura


Started working at Bäckmans 2014. Cobbler since 2009. Won a gold medal in Germany 2016 and got the bronze medal in the swedish national shoe repair championship 2019. Possesses the journeyman’s certificate.

Martin Nurmi


Saddling degree from Tärnsjö Garveri 2017, working as a saddler and joined our team in 2022.


Cashier/Shoe care

Working in our business for several years aside from university studies.

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Bäckmans Skoservice was founded October 1st 1922 by Josef Bäckman as a workshop on Mäster Samuelsgatan 54 in Stockholm. The shop was taken over by Axel and Clary Aglo 29 years later, on October 1st 1951.

During the 50s and the 60s the company grew and four more shops were opened up on Nybrogatan, Grev Turegatan, Roslagsgatan and Skånegatan (all in Stockholm), the latter was the so called conveyor belt workshop where the other shops sent the shoes to undergo the repair. At this time Bäckmans had 25 people employed. At the end of the 60s the company was taken over by the son, Lennart Aglo.

During the 70s the work flow was reduced, causing several ov the shops to close, but the workshop on Nybrogatan prolonged and today has 10 people working. Peter Aglo started as the third generation Aglo working at Bäckmans 1985. 1996 he, together with Peter Holmér became co-owners of Bäckmans and they are to this day. Together they made the company grow again, but still keeping high standard on all repairs. Today Bäckmans have 10 people working in the popular shop on Nybrogatan.

The shop was moved about 50m further up the street in 2013 to get a bigger and more well designed store. The new and modern store has a bigger space for customers and display of our high end shoes and products. The workshop is visible through plexiglass, reducing the noise from our machines, but giving an interesting view.